Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's My wonderful holiday

This holiday will be a valuable thing for me. this time, I will not forget it as long as I can breathe in this world. My future wife and I were on the way to meet her parents to talk something important about our future. We went there by bus. It was unforgetable moment in our life. We started the worthy journey on Friday at 5 in the afternoon.
In the bus, we talked happily. We discussed everything in a romantic circumtances. Then we promised not to hurt each other. The passengers were looking jealously to us. But one thing for sure that "We don't give a damn".
At 8 o'clock, we reached my future wife's house. for a while, I took a break to leave my burden. and my future wife had a chat with her parent, sister and brother. I feel excited with my view. I have never seen such a lovely situation as I saw at that time since my mother passed away. Some kind a strong relationship between parents and their children. my future wife's parents could accept me as I am. Wow...fantastic.
Then the next day, We went home to Surabaya in the evening. We felt something different in this year. Something which is called love. We promise to undestand each other

Mr. Budi

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