Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's My wonderful holiday

This holiday will be a valuable thing for me. this time, I will not forget it as long as I can breathe in this world. My future wife and I were on the way to meet her parents to talk something important about our future. We went there by bus. It was unforgetable moment in our life. We started the worthy journey on Friday at 5 in the afternoon.
In the bus, we talked happily. We discussed everything in a romantic circumtances. Then we promised not to hurt each other. The passengers were looking jealously to us. But one thing for sure that "We don't give a damn".
At 8 o'clock, we reached my future wife's house. for a while, I took a break to leave my burden. and my future wife had a chat with her parent, sister and brother. I feel excited with my view. I have never seen such a lovely situation as I saw at that time since my mother passed away. Some kind a strong relationship between parents and their children. my future wife's parents could accept me as I am. Wow...fantastic.
Then the next day, We went home to Surabaya in the evening. We felt something different in this year. Something which is called love. We promise to undestand each other

Mr. Budi

1. What is the genre of the text ?
2. What is the purpose of the text ?
3. Analyze the generic structure of the text !
4. What tense is used in the text ?
5. Make another story based on your experience in your life with the following conditions !
a. Make a recount text in your BLOG
b. Mention your name, Class, and no
c. The text must consist 5 paragraphs
d. The text must be written within 3 days since you read this assignment
e. If you are done with your assignment, please add a comment in this POSTING.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's see. How good is your Passive ?

Passive Voice Quiz

Try to answer the questions in this slide show. If "No mistakes" is yours.
Congratulation for you

Mr. Budi

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Best Speakers Of PRACTICAL TEST SMA YPPI - 2

Here is the performance of Best Speakers students in English Speech !
1. Yogi (XA)

2. Andreas (XB)

3. Mega (XB)

4. Dian (XC)

5. Vincent (XC)


Present Tense

Simple Present Tense Simple Present Tense Etty Marlyn This presentation was created for my Year2 students in SR Kiarong, Brunei. I was having my Teaching Practice. During my observation on their normal lesson, I found out that their grammar was terrible. They can get confused on singular and plural form. So this is how I made it. I requested to my cooperating teacher that I wanted to teach them this to eliminate their confusion.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Impact of Game Online

Please watch this video, and answer these following questions below based on the video !

The video given above is a material for your Seminar 1 in the class.
The requirements to perform Seminar 1 in the class are :
1. You must make a group which consists of 3 Students.
2. The session of Seminar includes Opening, Presentation 1 & 2 (proof), Question and Answer, Conclusion
3. The first student will be a moderator who arranges the flow of any session.
4. The second speaker will be a presenter who presents a good/bad side of the topic above. (5 minutes)
5. The third speaker will be a person who gives the proof in reality. (5 minutes)
6. Your group must make papers which involves Background of the study, Discussion & Conclusion (at the end of the Seminar).
7. Your papers must be submitted before May 27, 2009 and approved by Mr. Budi.
8. Papers which are submitted AFTER the deadline will NOT be performed (NO SCORE)

You can visit these links :–-the-advantages-and-disadvantages

Signed by
Mr. Budi

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FINAL TEST FOR X Grade (Practical)

" S P E E C H " Final Practical Test for X Grade ( Monday, May 25 2009 )

Topic : - The impact of Internet for Senior High School students
             - The impact of Game Online for Senior High School students

Rules : 1. The speech must have one content of the following topics given.
            2. The length of speech is 2 minutes (minimum) 3 minutes (maximum)
            3. You must watch Video on first titled World Championship & Killer Skills. Before you perform in front of the class.  
            4. You MAY NOT read your speech in front of the class.
            5. Scoring criteria is based on Content30%, Eye contact15%,                                          Pronunciation15%,Stage proficiency 20%, Grammar 20%.


Mr. Budi


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"PASSIVE VOICE" Exercises ( IPA & IPS )

Please Remember the following Pattern as Passive form.

Active .............Passive
V1 / Vs + v3
V2.............................was/were + v3
Modals + V1............Modals + be + V3
Has / have + v3......has / have + been + V3
To be + V be + being + V3

the transformation of
Subject / Object

Multiple Choice Questions !

1. "A well-known architect is designing our new office".
The passive form of the above sentence is "Our new office a well-known
a. design
b. designed
c. be designing
d. is designed
e. is being designed

2. "The stewardess is now serving coffee to the passengers"
The passive form of the above sentence is .....
a. The passengers are serving coffee now.
b. The passengers are now served coffee.
c. Coffee is now served by the passengers.
d. Coffee is now being served to the passengers
e. Coffee is now served to the passengers.

3. They think he is welthy.
The passive form of the above sentence is ....
a. He is thought a wealthy man
b. They are considered a wealthy man.
c. They are thought he is a welthy man.
d. He is thought to be a wealthy man.
e. He is thought being a wealthy man.

4. Everybody believed that the Gods brought them happiness.
The passive form of the above sentence is ...
a. It is believed that the Gods brought them happiness.
b. The Gods were believed to have brought them happiness.
c. The Gods were believed to bring them happiness.
d. That the Gods brought them happiness were believed by everybody.
e. It was believed that the Gods have brought them hapiiness.

5. "Have you been informed about the exct number of victims of the airplane crash ?"
'Yes, ...... to the headquarters of Garuda'.
a. they are faxed
b. has faxed
c. the victims fax
d. it has been faxed
e. we fax it

6. "You seem to be waiting for something these days"
That's true. I am waiting ..... for an interview."
a. called
b. to call
c. be called
d. calling
e. to be called

7. Dika : Can I borrow your laptop ?
Ditya : Certainly, but what's wrong with yours ?
Dika : It .... now
a. is being repaired
b. repaired
c. is repairing
d. has repaired
e. is going to repair

8. "Why does the baby next-door keep crying ?"
"As usual, it ..... by the babysitter".
a. is neglecting
b. is neglected
c. is to be neglected
d. is to be neglected
e. is to neglect

9. We called commitee to ask whether the competition ..... to begin that afternoon.
a. was scheduled
b. to scheduled
c. was scheduled
d. to be scheduled
e. was to scheduled

10. The president director agreed that the performance of the company has not been
good these past few years. in fact, its organization
a. restructured
b. is restructuring
c. is to restructure
d. is being restructured
e. restructuring

Mr. Budi