Friday, May 22, 2009

The Impact of Game Online

Please watch this video, and answer these following questions below based on the video !

The video given above is a material for your Seminar 1 in the class.
The requirements to perform Seminar 1 in the class are :
1. You must make a group which consists of 3 Students.
2. The session of Seminar includes Opening, Presentation 1 & 2 (proof), Question and Answer, Conclusion
3. The first student will be a moderator who arranges the flow of any session.
4. The second speaker will be a presenter who presents a good/bad side of the topic above. (5 minutes)
5. The third speaker will be a person who gives the proof in reality. (5 minutes)
6. Your group must make papers which involves Background of the study, Discussion & Conclusion (at the end of the Seminar).
7. Your papers must be submitted before May 27, 2009 and approved by Mr. Budi.
8. Papers which are submitted AFTER the deadline will NOT be performed (NO SCORE)

You can visit these links :–-the-advantages-and-disadvantages

Signed by
Mr. Budi

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