Thursday, May 7, 2009



  1. name:darwin
    class:XI IPS/2
    Mr Budi, I think your video can help us for study english, because it can make me to more undrstand. So, I think we can do your daily test and final test with this video.

  2. name:Devi
    class:XI IPS/6
    Mr Budi, your video is practice, because with this video, we can study with refreshing at outer class.

  3. name:Shierly Yunita
    class: XI IPS/23
    The Conclution:
    passive voice have a formula:
    O to be + V3 + by (subject)
    if in the sentences there is modal s /auxiliary, the sentence must give "be".ex:should,must,will,would,shall,should,may, can, could.
    Time signal from present tense=is, am, are
    Time signal from past tense=was,were
    Time signal from future tense= be
    Time signal from present perfect=been
    Time signal from present continues=is, am, are
    Time signal from past continues=was,were
    Time signal from oast perfect= been

  4. name:Hana
    class:XI IPS/18
    Mr. Budi I think video mentioned can make children more understand if in the class still no understand can to open video. this can to add concept children about internet

  5. Name: eRiKa F
    Class: XI IPA / 05

    The Conclution:
    I think this video teach us about the passive voice and belive that this video can help us to learn about passive voice. because if we learn at Class make me bored and can't focus with the topic.
    In this video I can learn passive voice easily because it contains a lot of example. and i can know what is the grammar of passive voice and how to change an active sentences to be a passive sentences.
    I can also know about the tenses of the sentences.
    and now I more interested in english, because it usefull for me.

    Thank you Mr. Budi

  6. name: Stefany
    Class: XI IPS/10
    I think this video can make study english become interesting and make us to understand

  7. Name: Sugianto
    Class: XI IPS/3

    In my opinion, study like this can make student more enjoy, more fun, and student can more easly understand the lesson who gave from teacher. So let's use this method study. So student can more enjoy to study.

  8. Name : Mariana
    Class : XI IPS/26
    I think the video can help us to understand about passive voice. Because inside video give example. We more understand each tenses.

  9. Name : Widya
    Class : XI IPA/10
    I think this video is useful for us. Because this video is easly us to understand with difference manner.

  10. Name: Fenny
    Class: XI IPS / 17

    I think with this video we can more understand the pattern of passive voice because in that video, that explain the pattern of each tenses, so we can know and mention tenses and how to change into passive voice..
    So, I think this method enough good for us..
    With that method like that, we can feel difference teaching in class..

  11. Name : Angelia Andianto
    Class: XI IPA / 11

    I think the passive voice is a way of forming sentences so that the focus is on the person or thing receiving the action, so the object placed in front of the sentences then the subject follows.

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  13. Name : Vonny I
    Class : XI IPS / 24
    According to me, the video can become lesson media which is easy to be comprehended. Not only that, with the video hence learning also become more be happy and enjoy.

  14. Name : Yenny N
    Class : XI IPS / 25
    I think this video very useful for me! because in this video I can study passive voice more easy and I know example from passive voice. I not boring study english especially passive voice.

  15. Name : Sheirent C
    Class : XI IPS 22
    As we know, active voice have a subject in front of the sentences and the object behind the sentences. In passive voice, although have a verb, they must always use to be.

  16. Name : Velda
    Class : XI IPA 19
    I think, the video give difference lesson manner for study easy. So that, study become more happy and enjoy.

  17. Name : Naomi
    Class : XI IPA / 06

    The Conclution :
    This video is teach us about the differences between passive sentences and active sentences..
    One of the differences between passive sentences and active sentences is in the FOCUS..
    Passive sentences focus on receiving an action but active sentences focus on performing an action..
    In passive voice we also concern in the tenses because it influenced the grammar structure..
    With this video we can easily understand about the passive voice and I think it can't make us bored because the explanation is quite good and there is some exercises to training our grammar..

  18. koko yudha
    the top guitarist

    IDM nya kagak asyik pak.........

    pa lg yang bsa bkin dwnload cpt???

    tak tunggu neh!!!!!!!!!


  19. yudha
    XI IPS / 09

    when i watch the video,i have one conclusion that the video tell me about diference passive voice and passive voice...
    passive voice is away for forming sentences so that the focus is on the person....

    this is contrast to active sentence, which focus on the person or thing performing the action

    and I feel very happy and enjoy with your teach in my class....

    me and you like funny too...
    so i love you mr budy........



  20. hahahaahahahahahahaha........

    gak homo loh yo aku.................

  21. name:yessica
    class:XI IPA/21
    I think this video can help the student for understand english lesson. and i can understand about passive voice.
    this video is good for studying passive voice..

  22. Name : Soenaryo
    Class : XI IPA
    No : 18

    I believe Mr.budi Choose this video because in this video we can easily understand about the passive voice ,and i believe too if this video is very useful for us to understand about passive voice. And i think with a new media we can be happy and enjoy too. And i hope if with this blog i can increased my daily test too.


  23. Name : Irene C.
    Class : XI IPA / 16
    Comment :
    I think, this type of learn is good. This is mean that IT was already improved in YPPI.

    In this video, we can learned the difference of active sentences with the passive one.
    The grammar already explained, and there are so many example in it.
    It was very help us as the students to learned the passive voice.

    But, I fell bored with this video, so, I expected more fun, attractive video next time. Good luck to get it!

  24. Name : siska
    class : XI IPA
    no : 8

    mr budi, in my opinion.. this video is simple and practise for student. and how she teach is more than good also easily understand for me.i hope that mr budi also can teach us more good again... hahahaha (just kidding)
    in the other hand thank you above this video,because i can study something and training our grammar also get a new information about passive voice. ^Gbu^

  25. name :anastasia
    class : XI IPA / 02

    i think, this video is very good. Now I'm more understand about passive voice.^^

  26. Name : ADE
    Class :XI IPS/4

    well, i think, this activity is very interesting. Because students usually like this kind of activity. By seeing that video, i can get the point of differences between active and passive voice. Maybe this activity can be brought into the class, therefore we'll enjoy to study english.

  27. Name : Fanny
    class: XI IPA/13
    passive voice...
    i thing this video make people bored, because there is no interesting act...
    if there anyone say this video cool they're lie..
    but if we realy want to study about english this video is the best because this video tell me the differences between active and passive voice

  28. Name : Claudia
    Class : XI IPA/12

    if i want to be honest this video realy made me feel sleepy... ARrGhhhhh....
    but if we talk about the education this video the best one, because it explain about passive voice and the differnces with active voice

  29. name:wenny natalia
    class:XI IPS/12

    mr. opinion the video is practise and good video..
    and listening video make student fast understand for material..
    so..thank you for your video about passive voice..

    CLASS:XI IPA / 7

    listening can make students understandsfor all materials...
    and can make students relax in study english...

  31. Name : Daud Immanuel
    Class: XI IPS/16

    mr.budi i think your video,because the video is very make study.
    and very good ....
    tq for your video


  32. name:yansen.k
    mr.Budi I think your video is practice for your student and make your student enjoy and smart

  33. Name : Danny P.W
    Class : XI IPS
    I think your video is very good n important...
    I can study with your video coz in your video many study.... thank you mr.Budi

  34. Name:Christian.K
    Class:XI IPS
    mr.budi I think Your Video Is Link about Material In the Class Is Passive voice
    We Can Study From This Video
    Thank You Mr

  35. name : Tiara
    xi ipa/09

    the conclusion:
    i think this video is good for our study because that can make us more understand and this is very creative to us.

  36. Name : Edwin
    XI IPA/04

    I think this video is good and i like it.
    this video is tell about passive voice and this video is can increase my experience.

  37. Name:Bobby

    I think this video is so usefull for us.
    with this media, we can learn the lesson so easily. Make us not boring to study.

    This video tell us about passive voice. there's a lot of example in there.

  38. Nama : Adi (Hengky)
    XI IPA/01

    I like this video because from this video i can learn passive voice more easier. thank's

    I love you so much.....

    will you marry me ???????

    I waiting for you......

  39. I think this is not only a video,
    but this video can give me insight.

    With this video, I think student can study more easier.


  40. Name : Evelyn A. H.
    Class : XI-IPA

    Name : Evelyn A.H
    Class : XI-IPA

    I think this is not only a video,
    but this video can give me insight.

    With this video, I think student can study more easier.


  41. Name : Yohanes Denny
    Class: XI - IPS/14

    this video is good, we can learned the difference passive Voice and we can easily understand about the passive voice

  42. Name : Herlina P.
    Class : XI-IPA

    This video make me more know about passive voice.
    Who make this video I think very creative.
    She/he can helpful us to study.

  43. Name:Natalia
    Class:XI IPS-20
    For I can easilly to more understand all about passive clause

  44. Name: Steffi
    Class: XI IPS-11
    Mr. Budi. After I see this video that before I not realy understood and lazied to learned passive voice, with see this video I can understand passive voice now. Now I think that learn passive voice very easy and interesting.
    Thank you.

  45. Name: kenny
    Class:XI IPS/19

    honestly, I very bored and sleepy look this video, but this video makes me understand a bit about the passive voice.
    And my conclusion after seeing this video is ...
    I am not ready for passive voice test

  46. Name : Rachmat Santoso
    Class : XI IPA / 17
    I think this video can make the student more easy to learn english course about passive and active voice. So study english can more fun and enjoy.
    With this video, I can more understand this lesson.

  47. Name: kenny
    Class:XI IPS/19

    First, i think after see this video I became more understanding about the passive voice, but honestly, I very bored and sleepy look this video, but this video makes me understand a bit about the passive voice.
    And my conclusion after seeing this video is ...
    I am not ready for passive voice test

  48. mmm~
    mr.budi your video is cool and most helped
    but i think the video durate too long..
    if student heve private internet like kenny it`s no problem..
    but for me it`s terible because internet in here so *awesome* you must know my mean
    finally choose short durate video..

  49. satria ganteng bgt
    IX IPS

    i think this video can explain the deferent passive voice and active voice

    sitik ae tp jok crewet...........


  50. Name : Gunawan
    Class : XI-IPA

    After I watch this video I think, this video is good and can help student to study about passive voice.
    I think this video is very interesting, because we not only watch the video but with study.

  51. Name : Ratih D.C
    Class: XI-IPA/20

    I think with this video we can learn about passive voice. Someone maybe can understand from this video easyly. But I think this method not interesting enough because the duration is too long.